Beautiful workmanship on time, guaranteed.

A quality repair is invisible. Your car will be returned to you on time, looking like new in the area we have repaired, and leaving behind no signs of repair work (unless otherwise specifically agreed). In the uncommon event that we fail to meet this standard , we will provide you with free shuttle and/or loaner car if needed. We strive to give an extraordinarily high level of courtesy and convenience to our clients.


All repairs come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

We stand behind everything we do. We guarantee that our parts, paint, and workmanship will perform like a brand-new vehicle would.


Comprehensive insurance claim management.

Our office maintains a good working relationship with every major insurer in the area. However, insurance is a for-profit business. Sometimes there is a conflict of interest between restoring your vehicle to pre-accident condition and keeping costs down for the insurer. We will professionally and proactively negotiate on your behalf for everything necessary to make you 100% whole.


Today's advanced vehicles are engineered with essentially no margin for error. Specialized equipment and training is necessary to restore structural, electrical, safety restraint, refinish, and mechanical systems to pre-loss condition. For the past 10 years, we have reinvested 1/2 of our profits back into technology and infrastructure advancement to help us serve you better. When you come for your estimate, ask for a tour of our facility. You can see the finest and most up-to-date equipment, well maintained and in use by highly trained individuals.